LIVE MUSIC! All performances are 6pm-9pm! We are doing our best to provide a fun, and safe atmosphere for all of our customers, musicians, regulars, staff and everyone in between! Any schedule changes will be updated here, and as always ENJOY THE MUSIC! 🎸🍕🪕🎤

June LIVE Music

Monday 6/3:

Tuesday 6/4:

Wednesday 6/5: The Wang Show

Thursday 6/6:

Friday 6/7: Blue Moon Alley

Monday 6/10: The Lower 5th SKYY PATIO SESSIONS

Tuesday 6/11: JUICEBOX

Wednesday 6/12:

Thursday 6/13: Maestranza

Friday 6/14: Phil Smithburg


Tuesday 6/18:

Wednesday 6/19: Moonhouse

Thursday 6/20: Nick Foytik Music

Friday 6/21: Catfish Stephenson

Monday 6/24:

Tuesday 6/25: Jules & The Gems

Wednesday 6/26:

Thursday 6/27:

Friday 6/28: Curtis Goodman

Wednesday 5/29:

Thursday 5/30: Bo Allen Messer Music AKA BAMM

Friday 5/31: Wine Spillers

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*Schedule subject to change

Some of our Regular Bands featured below!

Catfish Stephenson

Catfish Stephenson is an American blues musician, living and working in Madison, WI. One of the city’s best established street musicians (he has played on State Street since 1968), he has performed widely across the Midwest, has toured the United States and Europe, and performed live on A Prarie Home Companion. Stephenson is best known for playing slide guitar on a National Steel Guitar. He has also influenced numerous younger musicians, including the Chicago-based guitarist, Joel Paterson, who met and played with Stephenson when the former was a teenager. Guitarist John Hasbrouck was mentored by Stephenson during the 1980s. Hasbrouck later dedicated his debut solo album, Ice Cream, to him. You can catch Catfish here every Thursday night.


Moonhouse is a five piece “folkadelic” group that frequents the Up North stage. Lead singer and songwriter, Blackhawk, knows how to set the mood. His music is reminiscent of his life’s journey – happy, sad, spiritual and true to his soul. His repertoire of albums include solo flute music, collaborative country, folk and bluegrass and original recordings.

Pat Ferguson

An original sound that blends Americana, bluegrass and folk, deeply influenced by his upper Mississipi River musical roots. Originally making waves as a founding member and lead guitarist for longtime midwest music scene staple, The Smokin’ Bandits, Pat Ferguson has emerged as a renowned and nationally reognized solo performer. He takes the stage here at The Up North the last Tuesday of every month, and he usually brings some friends. Check out his facebook page to learn more.