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Some of our Regular Bands featured below...

Catfish Stephenson

Every Thursday Night - 9:00pm-12:00am
Catfish Stephenson is an American blues musician, living and working in Madison, WI. One of the city's best established street musicians (he has played on State Street since 1968), he has performed widely across the Midwest, has toured the United States and Europe, and performed live on A Prarie Home Companion. Stephenson is best known for playing slide guitar on a National Steel GuitarHe has also influenced numerous younger musicians, including the Chicago-based guitarist, Joel Paterson, who met and played with Stephenson when the former was a teenager. Guitarist John Hasbrouck was mentored by Stephenson during the 1980s. Hasbrouck later dedicated his debut solo albumIce Cream, to him.  You can catch Catfish here every Thursday night. 



Moonhouse is a five piece "folkadelic" group that plays every 2nd-4th (or 5th) Wednesday each month. Lead singer and songwriter, Blackhawk, knows how to set the mood. His music is remeniscent of his life's journey - happy, sad, spiritual and true to his soul. His repertoire of albums include solo flute music, collaborative country, folk and bluegrass and original recordings.


The Lower 5th

Midwestern soul from Madison, WI. The Lower 5th incorporates folk, rock, R&B, reggae, country and bluegrass into their sound, producing a unique blend of Midwestern soul that swings, sways, rocks and wails. Luke Jorgenson, Cory Swadley (The Northern Pines) and Paul Metz (The Mascot Theory) began to work together to write and perform songs that draw from, and build upon their common diverse musical roots. With the addition of Jayme Cash (The Northern Pines, Moonhouse) on keys, Jerry Henning on trombone and Audrey Pescatelli on bass, The Lower 5th is a band of powerhouse musicians that play high energy music from the heart and leave it all on stage with every performance. Check out their facebook page.